Casinos online and iGaming has become a factor to consider when it comes to games. Just like with computer or TV-games, there are loads of hungry tech companies creating slot games with tremendous graphics and design themes that are blowing their customers mind.

You would think that Online Slots are simple, and they have been for a long time. The first slots were extremely simple in comparison to online slots today. Just like in the real world, online casino slots needed their time to develop. Anyone would agree that the results of 20 years of casino games are truly mind blowing.

Break Da Bank (old) vs CopyCats (new)

Casino game providers today are constantly investing in graphic designers and programmers, to become leading innovators of the market. The biggest companies, such as NetEnt and Microgaming are stock listed companies with millions of revenue every year.

Casino Games – Bigger Than E Sports/Games?

Thanks to the incredible amount of gamblers in the world, the casino games market is growing rapidly and can definitely be compared to the computer games and esport markets. Malta is an island in southern Europe, known for 300 days of sun and being a British colony, but it’s also the home of almost 1000 online casino companies. The jurisdiction in Malta makes it possible for people in Europe to play on “EU-legit” sites outside of their own, regulated country.

How Do Casino Game Creators Make Money?

Casino game providers usually “sell” their whole portfolio of games to an operator (casino). It’s not uncommon that a set-up fee is taken upon signing the contract, including integration with the casino platforms. Once everything is set up and live, the game providers gets a cut of the casinos revenue. The percent they make is different depending on the deal, but 10-20% of Net income usually goes to the game providers, and they won’t even have to worry about the risk of losing any money, as the casino itself pay out all the winnings.

Buying a computer or video game normally costs between 30-80 EUR. In the world of Casino, there are sharks with enormous wallets who are ready to gamble. It’s rare, but some players are making deposits of over £5000 at a time. As you might understand, the value per casino players is much higher than a video game player.