iGaming, which is a common name for the business of casino and sports betting online, have seen a constant growth since 20 years ago when the first online casinos opened up.

The northern part of Europe are no strangers to online casinos, as they’ve been along from the start. The trend has now inflicted the south, and during the past three years the market has grown significantly in countries such as Italy, Turkey and France.

Why is Casino Gaming Growing So Much?

What we need to keep in mind is that big parts of Europe still are without internet, computers or even smartphones. IT solutions are developing in all parts of Europe and throughout the world as well. That itself means that the amount of potential casino players is increasing by the day. Focusing on even more targeted markets, which is a typical move for new casinos, also means that potential players will feel more safe about depositing money at an online casino.

How Will These New Casinos Affect The Giants?

Giants like Betsson, Unibet and Gaming Innovation Group are mildly threatened by all the new casinos. None of these new casinos have a big enough budget to steal the market from the huge, more established casino businesses. They will always stand behind in terms of marketing and visibility compared to the giants.

Innovation – A Key Factor

While the IT solutions and tech in southern Europe is getting stronger, so is the tech solutions from gaming providers such as NetEnt and MicroGaming. They are currently the biggest game providers for casino games online in Europe. They’ve shared the throne for over two decades, while other game providers had been piss in Mississippi in comparison.

MicroGaming has always been a leading innovator in the industry. They’ve proved themselves by creating the first software in the late 90’s, but they were also the first casino game provider to create a mobile software.

NetEnt has grown extremely popular in Europe, and have recently stated that their goal is to cater for 50 % of the European Casino market in 2018. They’ve taken an extra step in terms of Innovation, showing up out of this world-products in terms of VR casino.

New Casino Game Providers Showing Confidence

Innovation has been key in the casino world and have lead it to what it is today, and a lot of the credit goes to other game providers than NetEnt and MicroGaming. Yggdrasil is a Swedish game provider that put their name on the map in 2015. They came up with some great titles, with interesting concepts that were one step ahead of their competition.

The innovative mind-set within Yggdrasil is one of a kind. They’ve revolutionized tournaments and raffles at online casinos, with both concepts integrated within their slots. This feature is a breeze for casino operators who normally have to all that work manually.

Given that the range of games is increasing each year, the need for casino guides has also increased, such as Casino Wings or Catena Media that launched on the stock exchange 2016.

Yggdrasil also launched the tool BRAGS, which is exactly what it sounds like. With this brilliant tool, players can share their spins with friends, on social media by posting on their wall, or by privately sending a link in which the receiver can see the entire game round as it was originally played out.

Tools and innovations like these are important for the sector to grow, and thanks to all new casinos and game providers out there, the market will keep growing.